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Race Tech Fork Springs

Race Tech Fork Springs

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RT Hi-Performance Fork Spring Features:

  • Extremely accurate rates
  • Most popular rates are listed, email us for more options
  • The tightest tolerances in the industry
  • Heat-treated and Shot-peened
  • Preset to eliminate sacking-out
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Made in the USA

The most popular spring rate we sell for both the 39mm and 49mm Kits is the 0.95kg. If you are unsure which rate you need, please contact us!

Available in the following variations:

  • 39mm
    • .80kg
    • .85kg
    • .90kg
    • .95kg
  • 49mm
    • .95kg
    • 1.0kg
    • 1.10kg
    • 1.20kg
    • 1.30kg
    • 1.40kg
    • 1.50kg
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