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X-KD's - Day2Nite w/ Lenses That Change

X-KD's - Day2Nite w/ Lenses That Change

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These lenses are dark outdoors in the daylight and lighten automatically to almost clear when worn indoors or at night

- Lightweight
- 100% UV protection
- Anti-Fog
- 100% Shatterproof polycarbonate lens

Photochromic Lens Information

•All photochromic lenses will not darken behind a face shield or windshield

•Photochromic lenses change fully after 7/8 cycles of light to dark

•Photochromic lenses work best in moderate and cooler temperatures

Photochromic lenses do not fully darken in very hot weather

•Customers really like the convenience of their Day2Nite KD’s and XKD’s!

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